This morning, President Trump threatened former FBI Director James Comey via Twitter.

This was after an interview yesterday in which he admitted to firing Comey to end the Trump-Russia investigation.

In fact, when I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story, it’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won.’

No one can any longer offer any excuse or reason not to immediately call for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump-Russia interference in the election as well as Trump’s possible obstruction of justice. in addition, there is now the possibility that he is taping people without their knowledge in the White House.

This is a constitutional crisis. To call it anything less is to bury one’s head in the sand. To call it anything less is to ignore who we have been and what we have stood for as a nation under both Republican and Democratic administrations as well as our reputation within the global community, which is currently in a shambles.

We do not live in a monarchy. We are not autocracy. We are a democracy. The very foundation of our nation is at risk. The truth has ceased to be important to those in power. The Republicans have long ago turned their back on facts and the knowledge that this country was not founded in the name of kings.

Our forefathers created this nation is direct opposition to the kind of behavior that Donald Trump is exhibiting.

The GOP are desecrating their memory, their work and all the lives of the people that have been sacrificed in defending this nation. They are a disgrace. They care not for our collective future, they only care about their place in power.

If the Republicans do not immediately change course and support a special prosecutor than they are going to be responsible for the downfall of this nation. It isn’t a joke. This is not hyperbole. This is happening in real time before our very eyes.

To the Republicans and the media who consistently talk about the Trump voter who doesn’t care about what he does and as he himself said, ‘wouldn’t care if I shot someone on Fifth Avenue,’ that American is not worth your time nor effort.

Let’s be clear, there are Americans incapable of critical thinking; they believe falsehoods and have no interest in getting the facts and don’t operate within their own lives from a place of truth. Catering to them is to cater to the worst among us. They provide a contrast to what we must reach for, an educated thinking public, a society that can embrace differences within a truthful telling of what is as we work to believe in a future that embraces us all.

These next few days will be telling. Will the GOP stand up and recognize the depth of tragedy unfolding or will they continue to disregard the peril we face?  This is a story that our children will be telling their children, a cautionary tale for the history books. Will it be about how we saved the union… or how we destroyed it?

-Jan Harrison


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    • That this so called president had the Russian Ambassador to the Whitehouse the day after he fires the man who’s investigating him for colluding with Russia is a big fat Fuck You to the American people and that includes you. Congratulations Cheeto lovers of America. You got conned and the noose is tightening.

    • Oh but they will and they are actively investigating him. FBI House intelligence committee Congressional Judiciary committee and the Department of Justice. Wait for it….. It’s going to be glorious

    • If he’s so innocent why did he fire Comey in the middle of the investigation. Why hasn’t the Whitehouse in the interest of transparency turn over all records. Why is the Senate intelligence committee having to subpoena those records and the Department of the Treasury is turning all financial records on all parties involved including this so called president. You really should educate yourself from a source other than Faux news and Brietbart.

    • Sandra, how in the hell can you people be so brain dead, and still breath air is a hell of a mystery to me. Just put your pussy hat on, stick your thumb in your ass and pout.. And please don’t have a offspring,this country is already about half retarded!!!

  1. Firing the FBI director who’s investigating you IS obstruction of justice. And he clearly threatened Comey, all you have to do is look at Scump’s tweet to see that. Obstruction of justice, threatening people, intimidating witnesses (see his tweet about Sally Yates)–the list of Scump’s disgusting and criminal behavior goes on and on.

  2. It’s amazing how white men who are put in power love to abuse that power. Oppressing marginalized groups is something white men do extremely well, and these crackers in the Scump administration have it down pat.

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