On May 9, a 23-year old woman from Sonipat, a town about 50 kilometers north of New Delhi, was abducted, gang raped and murdered—and found two days later after stray dogs had devoured parts of her face and lower body, reports Sirin Kale.

The brutality of this woman’s harrowing rape and eventual death are sickeningly reminiscent of another infamous Delhi rape known across the country as the Nirbhaya case, notes Kale.

After being kidnapped, the young woman was taken to a nearby city where she was drugged, gang raped, tortured and hit repeatedly in the face in an attempt to conceal her identity, say police. Her killers then ran over her body with a car, reported the Hindustan Times, in order to disfigure her further.

Haryana police have arrested two suspects, one of whom has confessed to the murder, but up to seven men may have been involved in the gang rape. The victim’s family said that the suspect had stalked and harassed the young woman after she refused to marry him and that they had complained to police about the harassment about one month prior to her death.

“Just because India has passed stricter laws, it can appear like things are getting better,” says Jayshree Bajoria of Human Rights Watch. “But we haven’t actually seen implementation of these laws.

As in nearly all cases of domestic violence, rape-murder cases such as these often reveal a history of abusive and violent behavior on the part of the perpetrator.

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