At a gala earlier this month for Susan B. Anthony’s list, a powerful anti-abortion group, Vice President Mike Pence gloated that President Trump had assembled an “A-Team” of “great pro-life leaders,” writes Diane Horvath-Cosper.

Trump’s A-Team, says Horvath-Cosper, includes Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, “who twice sponsored legislation that would give full constitutional rights to zygotes” and Ben Carson, who once drew a comparison between abortion and slavery.

“The Trump administration is giving extreme anti-abortion activists the ability to make major policy decisions. As a physician, I know firsthand how disastrous this will be for women,” says Horvath-Cosper.

Now, Charmaine Yoest, the former head of Americans United for Life, and Teresa Manning, a dogged anti-abortion activist have been selected for leadership positions at HHS, despite the fact that both are strongly opposed to abortion and most methods of contraception.

The problem is not that Yoest and Manning have strong views on these subjects—it’s that those views are not grounded in reliable evidence,” argues Horvath-Cosper.

When willful ignorance and anti-science zealots gain a powerful ally and a national platform, American women suffer. This is how Trump and his right-wing Christian anti-abortion fanatics will “punish” American women.

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