Donald Trump’s presidency is a disaster by any measure, but with his admitted obstruction of justice by removing James Comey as the Director of the FBI and yesterday’s revelation that he revealed highly classified information to the Russians, it is now clear that as demonstrated by his own actions he is not fit to be President of the United States.

Many of us knew this prior to the election based on his history and did not vote for him. Intelligence experts warned us. Others were willing to gamble with our nation and our future.

Not even six months into his presidency, it is clear to anyone capable of critical thinking that this man is an omnipresent danger to our nation.

When he revealed classified information to the Russians, (he tweeted he had the right to do so after those loyal to him came out and misled reporters) he put not only American lives at risk but foreign operatives as well. Our intelligence agencies ability to cooperate with other governments has been badly damaged. We need to be accountable to other nations in order to keep ourselves safe. Would you trust President Trump with classified information if you had assets at risk? I certainly wouldn’t.

This is no accident. He has no control over his actions. Trump has no ability to keep his mouth shut. He is a braggart and refuses to read the memo’s given to him as to what he can talk about when meeting a foreign leader asking that they be distilled into one-page talking points. Reading is too much of an effort for him. At this point, anyone who says this is due to his inexperience is a fool. What will it take Republicans to wake up?

This president, his administration and many of his cabinet officials are lying daily. It does not seem to matter to the Republicans on the Hill. They stay silent as the President of the United States lies to the American people and to the world. They support him as he fires the Director of the FBI saying he has the right to do so while ignoring that Comey was leading the investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia.

Even if one could wrap their head around the GOP’s reaction to the firing of Comey, what happened yesterday ought to frighten any thinking American.

Trump is incompetent and clueless. He is not fit to be our President. My greatest fear is that it will take a massive loss of life or the launching of a nuclear attack to wake the GOP up to the ever-present danger that we now face.

-Jan Harrison




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