President Donald Trump faced a May deadline to overturn a number of Obama-era regulations through a simple majority vote in Congress under a law known as the Congressional Review Act but although the oil and gas industry lobbied Congress hard, the Senate rejected an attempt to repeal the Department of Interior’s methane rule, reports Rebecca Leber.

“Environmentalists got some rare good news Wednesday when the Senate narrowly rejected a GOP effort to repeal an Obama-era regulation limiting methane emissions on public lands,” notes Leber.

The rule, which “requires energy companies to upgrade equipment and monitoring to prevent venting and leaking of methane on public lands,” passed in the House in February. No surprise there.

“The repeal effort faced its final defeat on Wednesday in a 51-49 vote, with Republican Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), and John McCain (Ariz.) joining every Democrat in opposing the bill,” says Mother Jones.

These senators foiled the White House, which wanted Congress to send as many repeal bills to Trump’s desk before the May 11th deadline. Congress has already used the law 13 times to repeal Obama-era regulations, writes Leber. You can thank Collins, Graham and McCain for standing up to big oil and gas. And you should.

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