Republican congressman from Utah, Jason Chaffetz, who announced in April he would not seek a sixth term in 2018, said he will resign his congressional seat on June 30, surprising many in Congress, reports Julia Ritchey.

In a statement on Thursday, Chaffetz cited his nine years of service and time away from his family, saying, “We feel my time in congress has been well spent, but it now seems the right time to turn the page.”

As the powerful chairman of the House Oversight and Budget Committee, Chaffetz has made a name for himself running controversial investigations into “the Obama administration and other Democratic targets, notably Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state,” says Ritchey.

But since Trump’s election, Chaffetz has faced intense pressure from his constituents to investigate President Trump—and his campaign’s ties to Russia as well as his potentially illegal and unethical business activities—as aggressively as he did Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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