Sheriff David Clarke has announced that he has been appointed as the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Trump couldn’t have made a worse choice. But as we learn that despite prior warnings about Michael Flynn he still appointed him his National Security Advisor it comes as no surprise.

Clarke has no respect for the rule of law and has actually suggested that the government do away of the Habeus Corpus. He, a Black man, also has said that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group and calls them Black Lies Matter.  There is now an investigation into the jail he ran in Wisconsin due to inmates dying on his watch. According to CNN:

Clarke’s management of the Milwaukee County Jail has also come into question. Local prosecutors say inmate Terrill Thomas, 38, didn’t have access to water for a week and died of dehydration in his cell in April 2016. Three other people, including a newborn baby, have died in the Milwaukee County Jail since last April. The deaths are under investigation.


The man whose job he is taking, Phil McNamara, pulled no punches as to what he thought about his replacement.

But he has the quality that Trump admires most: he is loyal.

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