Michael Flynn was trouble from the get-go for Donald Trump, but like everything else, Trump sees only what he wants to see. Any basic oppo on Flynn would have shown that the Obama administration fired him, that he had ties to Russia and that he was increasingly making ludicrous statements concerning Islam. But he was loyal to Trump and was always present on the campaign trail. Trump relied on him and wasn’t happy when he had to fire him.

But so much of the trouble that Trump currently finds himself in is in relationship to Flynn and Flynn may not be so loyal as he has offered to testify if he is given immunity. It seems that every day brings a new revelation about Flynn. According to the Atlantic,

…on Wednesday night, a New York Times story revealed that the Trump transition team knew Flynn was under federal investigation for his clandestine lobbying work for the Turkish government even before Trump’s inauguration. And McClatchy reported that Flynn, before the inauguration, was looped into the Obama administration’s plan to partner with Kurdish forces to retake Raqqa—and told them to delay it, which happened to align with the wishes of his Turkish clients. Then on Thursday, Yahoo reported that Flynn told friends late last month that Trump had reached out to him with a message: ‘Stay strong.’

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