The award-winning HBO comedy series “Veep,” now in it’s sixth season, is known “for pushing its characters into one unpredictable situation after another.” Last year’s season ended with President Selina Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) bid for reelection ending an a seemingly improbable tie in the Electoral College. After a series of reversals, Meyer does not come out on top.

“Veep” painted a grim world where no one ever accomplished anything, where all power was illusory, where every promise of progress was used cynically to manipulate voters or (worse) was rendered impossible to execute by a hopeless political system,” says Marshall.

In the new season, instead of following the winner back into the White House, Veep focuses on Selina who’s dealing with the harsh realities of her loss, notes Marshall, such as the end of her political career.  Sounds heartbreakingly familiar….

“Selina is figuring out how to be human, and she doesn’t like it much,” Marshall points out, adding, “Watching that struggle—and the struggle of those around her not only to find their own footing in this brave new world, but to aid her journey in whatever ways they can—is the most captivating part of the new season…”

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