Every time I read another piece on Betsy Devos I think of my mother. My mother was a teacher. Her love for learning, her own curiosity that made her a great teacher was something to behold. Going to the beach was never just an opportunity to build sand castles and go swimming it was always an adventure into the tidal pools, the rocks where starfish would hide and the carcasses of horseshoe crabs. Teaching was part of her being.

My respect for educators and for those that teach our children started then and has only grown knowing the challenges that they face. Betsy Devos has no respect for educators and she is not one. She is a rich woman with a point of view about education that has no foundation in facts. Now because she is the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump she has the power to affect our children’s education. And just as many of us predicted she is slashing the budget for public education to fund her pet projects – charters schools and voucher programs.

According to Randi Weingarten,

The Trump/DeVos budget funnels more than $1 billion to new voucher and market strategies even though study after study concludes those strategies have hurt kids. Recent studies of voucher programs in Ohio and Washington, D.C., show students in these programs did worse than those in traditional public schools. Further, private voucher schools take money away from neighborhood public schools, lack the same accountability that public schools have, fail to protect kids from discrimination, and increase segregation.

Devos is playing at being an educator. She bought her way to her position by her massive contributions to Republican campaigns. For those that voted for Trump without thought, this is part of the mess you gave us and our children.  -Jan Harrison

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