We have all learned that Donald Trump has no self-control when it comes to his mouth. He has no idea when to stop talking and when to listen. During the campaign, his staff took away his phone at points to stop him from tweeting. Now it seems that he has access to it 24/7 and feels free to tweet at any point over anything.

He documents his own lying in writing and continues to provide fodder for an investigation into his role in the Russia election interference seeming to not realize it is a criminal probe. Ultimately he will not be able to deny things that he has said or put in writing and thankfully he is laying down a very clear track record as to what he has and hasn’t done. Yesterday in a press conference he once again lied about his firing of James Comey, suggesting it was at the behest and as a result of Deputy AG Ron Rosenstein’s memo. Of course, he forgot that he said something completely different in an interview with Lester Holt on NBC News last week. It also didn’t help him that Rosenstein simultaneously was telling the Senate that he knew Trump was firing Comey prior to writing the memo.

Trump lies and lies and thinks that he is immune to the consequences. He is not. With the appointing of a special prosecutor, he is about to find out that what he says matters. God help any lawyer who takes him on.

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