Hundreds of Notre Dame graduates walked out on Vice President Mike Pence while he was delivering the commencement speech after receiving an honorary degree from the university in his home state of Indiana. The students left in protest against the vice president and his anti-Muslim policies and held a short alternative “graduation ceremony” outside of Notre Dame Stadium while the official ceremony was still going on inside.

“However, it is an egregious insult to invite Pence to speak at the celebration of the accomplishments of university graduates, many of whom are LGBTQ, first-generation, low-income, and people of color he has actively supported legislation against,” Jenn Cha, one of the 146 protestors, told CNN.

Other prominent Republicans in the Trump administration have faced similar opposition at commencement speeches recently, for example, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who was booed at during her speech at historically black Bethune-Cookman University.

Apparently, America’s college graduates are entering the world with a good, working knowledge of the terms hypocrisy, mendacity and bigotry.

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