The Texas state legislature is just about ready to pass not one but two major pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation—a sweeping piece of anti-LGBT adoption legislation and the country’s second bathroom bill, reports Samantha Allen.

But the Texas state house had to resort to some tricky maneuvering to get the votes by successfully adding anti-transgender bathroom restrictions for public schools to another Senate bill, which passed 91-50 on Sunday.

“Earlier this year, it looked like Texas might avoid passing anti-transgender legislation,” says Allen.

The Texas state senate voted 21-10 on Sunday to pass House Bill 3859—which would make it legal for state-funded adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples and non-Christians using “sincerely held religious beliefs” as a justification—and would, using that same justification, permit foster care organizations to practice “conversion therapy.”

Texas lawmakers are taking their cue from the Trump administration and the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions, both of which seem to want to allow states to decide how to determine the civil rights of transgender people in the US.

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