Most Presidents choose people that are qualified and experts within the areas that they are presiding over as members of his cabinet. As in so many things, Trump failed to do that. Rick Perry has no background in energy, Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD is laughable and Besty DeVos is a travesty as the Secretary for the Department of Education. A startling for instance would be Carson’s recent comment that “poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind.”

Equally as astonishing was DeVos’ testimony before Congress yesterday. She was there to discuss and explain how Trump’s 2018 budget would influence the Department of Education. Democrats had tough questions for her many of which she refused to honest directly. Most troubling was her inability to say that she would not hold back federal funds from schools that discriminated against kids, suggesting that the states and parents should be the final arbitrator of where monies go.

According to The Washington Post, Rep. Katherine Clark challenged her to answer her question; “So if I understand your testimony — I want to make sure I get this right. There is no situation of discrimination or exclusion that if a state approved it for its voucher program that you would step in and say that’s not how we are going to use our federal dollars?”

DeVos refused to answer a hypothetical question, but summoned it up by saying,

‘I go back to the bottom line — is we believe parents are the best equipped to make choices for their children’s schooling and education decisions, and too many children are trapped in schools that don’t work for them. We have to do something different. We have to do something different than continuing a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach. And that is the focus. And states and local communities are best equipped to make these decisions.’

The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss reported several other answers that should cause all parents to be concerned by this unqualified billionaire who bought her way into the lives of our children and their future.

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