While we still don’t know how extensive the Trump administration’s roll back of the birth control mandate initiated under President Obama, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) website says that it is reviewing an “interim final rule” that will “relax the requirements on preventative services,” reports Laurel Raymond—a change specifically designed to accommodate religious organizations, some of which have strongly objected to birth control coverage requirements under insurance for their employees.

Under orders of President Trump, federal officials “have drafted a rule to roll back the Obama-era mandate that birth control be included under all employer insurance plans,” says Raymond.

Typically, when a federal agency, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, considers changing a rule, Raymond notes, particularly one  which will have an immediate and sweeping impact on policy, they solicit public comments and incorporate feedback into revised drafts before handing down a final change.

“We think whatever the rule is, it will allow an employer’s religious beliefs to keep birth control away from women. We are sure that some women will lose birth control coverage,” the vice president of the National Women’s Law Center, Gretchen Borchelt, told the New York Times.

But under the direction of Tom Price, a vocal anti-abortion proponent, the HHS is planning to do no such thing.

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