The new St. Gerard’s Center for Life is a Hartford-based Catholic organization that hopes to help women “make life-affirming decisions” in the face of unwanted pregnancies, reports Callie Beusman, one that offers a “slew of official-sounding services,” including free pregnancy tests, abortion pill reversal as well as assistance in “recovering from post-abortive trauma.”

“Anti-abortion groups are opening fake clinics near actual reproductive health care providers across the country in an attempt to shame and scare women into staying pregnant,” says Beusman.

This “crisis pregnancy center” (CPC) is also a mere 30 feet from Hartford GYN Center, which is located in the same office complex. It’s signage is also nearly identical to the GYN center. “This is very confusing, and intentionally so,” argues Beusman, given that the Hartford Women’s Center is a CPC, “a term used to describe anti-abortion organizations whose sole purpose is to convince women to carry pregnancies to term, oftentimes by posing as legitimate reproductive health care providers.”

In fact, CPCs often employ deceptive tactics, including establishing locations next to clinics and hospitals, in an attempt to lure unsuspecting women into their establishments where staff can then inundate them with false information about abortions—or even lie to them, for example, saying abortion is probably not even necessary because miscarriage is so common.

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