It was quite a moment when the Paris Climate Change Accord was ratified. It was a new day in a global initiative to work together to slow global warming and a product of a great deal of effort on behalf of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. A win for the United States and the planet.

Now, according to reports from both Politico and The New York Times, Trump is set to pull out of the agreement signed by 190 countries and ratified by 147. To do so would be a disaster on so many levels.

According to Vox,

While it’s certainly not the end-all, be-all scheme to reverse global warming, the agreement is the most comprehensive international effort yet to tackle the climate problem. It’s also been widely hailed as a triumph of diplomacy in the face of what may be the toughest problem humanity has ever encountered.

Why would anyone pull out of this agreement? One, you don’t believe in climate change. Two, you are trying to assuage the fossil fuel industry at the expense of the planet.

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