We are in the middle of the biggest shitstorm that this nation has ever seen, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Without regard for facts, we elected a prevaricator to be our president: a proven liar, an unscrupulous businessman who screwed thousands by not paying them for their work, a racist who denied people housing, and a serial sexual assaulter (according to his own words). And yet, nearly 63 million Americans thought Donald J. Trump was up to the job.

Of course, there were nearly 66 million of us who voted for Hillary Clinton but we still share some of the responsibility, especially those of us who are white, for taking too much for granted.

We on the left enjoy our privilege and too often stay silent as people of color endure and die in a nation that does not offer equal opportunity to all.

We played it safe. Many of us who used to be engaged when younger fell complacent as the demands of our daily lives replaced our burning passions and willingness to stand for others. Our hearts and our politics may have been in the right place but that is never enough. Change requires more than mere words.

The Democratic Party has long lacked the courage of its convictions. Only now, with nothing left to lose, do they finally understand how to fight and how to reach out to voters as comrades in arms.

Take Obamacare. The airwaves should have been filled with commercials touting its benefits. Democratic politicians should not have run away from President Obama but rather supported him and his signature piece of legislation by doing the hard work of enlightening their constituents. Democrats missed a golden opportunity to educate the public and strengthen their majority coalition.

Instead, they allowed the GOP to drive the narrative, and it spelled disaster.

As for the Susan Sarandons of the world, who voted with their privilege and encouraged others to do the same, they should be ashamed of their votes. There was too much at stake to vote for a spoiler but that didn’t bother her or them. “Revolution” was in the air.

And so here we sit, with a monster for President of the United States, a man who has done and said so many egregious things that it is hard to comprehend how, and if, we will ever able to undo what he has done. Trump’s recent trip to the Middle East (a region he didn’t realize he was in, while in Israel) and to Europe was his pathetic attempt at being presidential.

His third-grade vocabulary and his macho, thug-like behavior were a disgrace. More importantly, in one short trip, Trump helped to destroy our relationships with nations that have long been our allies.

Representatives from Germany, France, Spain, and so many others, stood agog as they witnessed a gross transformation. America went from a country led by a constitutional scholar and lawyer, a graduate of Columbia and Harvard, a thoughtful and decent man to a braggart, liar, and businessman who leads not with his intellect but rather with his ego.

Those who voted for Trump love his display of bravado, his tough-man stance, and do not see him for the fool that he is. There is nothing he can do that they would find fault with. There is no longer any point in pointing out who they are and what they believe. To do so is to waste precious time. We must remember what America has stood for in all its glory: to be a nation founded on truth and justice, not lies.

Our resistance to this dangerous fool; a jester in many respects, must only grow in the days and months ahead.

We cannot succumb to weariness and fear as we watch President Trump dismantle decades of work by past presidents, both Republican and Democrats alike. Our resolve must deepen, and we cannot let any election slip by without our notice and our unflagging support.

The saving of this nation is up to the Democrats given that the Republicans have abdicated their position of responsibility by allowing his lies and actions to go unchallenged. Our American democracy is at stake and to think anything else is a Trump’s errand.

-Jan Harrison




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