Jamelle Bouie points out what those of us who have been paying attention know, not just because of the specific incidents of brutality that have occurred but because of the hate that is in the air. Since Donald Trump was elected the underbelly of this nation has risen. It has grown in its boldness and attempts to bring a white America into being. The lingo that Trump used, such as his phrase, “make America great again” is just a dog whistle for make America white again. The violence he encouraged at his rallies and his not so subtle suggestion that someone shoot Hillary Clinton all helped to inspire those who long for the days of white only.

As Bouie writes,

Millions of white Americans stomped the floor for Trump’s promise to end “political correctness” and restore prosperity through tough action against foreign others, turning out at higher numbers than either 2008 or 2012. This rhetoric has a real impact. A recent working paper suggests that when people view Trump’s popularity as going up, it “increases their willingness to publicly express xenophobic views.” It’s a straightforward idea: High electoral support for a candidate who espouses prejudiced views may shape how individuals perceive the social desirability of those views.

Blood is not only on Trump’s hands but on those of the people who pulled the lever for him.

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