Another day another swamp denizen raises its ugly head. This time it is Trump’s personal lawyer who allegedly gloated about his role in the firing of former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. According to ProPublica Marc Kasowitz reportedly said that “This guy is going to get you.”

Bharara was initially assured by Trump that he wanted him to stay on as U.S. Attorney in New York. Bharara is known as a fearless prosecutor who has taken on both Republicans and Democrats. “As ProPublica previously reported, at the time of Bharara’s firing the Southern District was conducting an investigation into Trump’s secretary of the health and human services, Tom Price.”

Could this be another case of obstruction of justice?

Last night the idea that Special Cousel Robert Mueller might be fired by Trump was floated by Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy (a close associate of the president). Could it be that Kasowitz had a hand in that too?

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