With the release of a “new” Wonder Woman for the twenty-first century, we have also been treated to a revival of a different kind — a series of non-critique critiques, filled with condescending thoughts about the new blockbuster film, notes feminist and sociologist, Katherine Cross.

“There’s one impossible burden even Wonder Woman can’t bear: the expectations of others, especially feminists, that a superheroine must perfectly embody The Revolution — lest she be nothing more than placating soma,” argues Cross.

Take Christina Cauterucci’s comment in Slate, for example: “To me whatever chance Wonder Woman had of being some kind of feminist antidote to the overabundance of superhero movies made by and for bros was blown by its prevailing occupation with the titular heroine’s sex appeal.”

“As an academic,” notes Cross, “I could pick countless holes in the film, and yet that schoolgirl who asked her teacher if she could come to school dressed as Wonder Woman because she “wanted to be ready if I need to save the world” will rightly outshine my words a thousandfold.”

But perhaps, says Cross, her tortured relationship with the movement that “adopted her as a mascot,” will help us to understand the consequences of the outrageous demands we women place upon one other, including our superheroines.

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