Clean energy including energy from wind farms is our future. We cannot rely on fossil fuel for a variety of reasons including the environmental impact of sourcing it and using it.

China is leading the world in its push to become the largest producer of clean energy including the technological development that will be needed to implement its use in a variety of industries. According to The New York Times,

The country’s “Made in China 2025” program, the heart of Beijing’s domestic industrial policy, calls for heavy spending on clean-energy research and development, as a way to bolster the economy. State-owned banks are pouring tens of billions of dollars each year into technologies like solar and wind along with energy conservation strategies like high-speed rail and subway lines.

The United States, under President Trump, is not pushing for innovation and research. Rather they are looking to try to revitalize the coal industry and support more drilling for oil. Yesterday in a speech in Iowa, which produced 36% of its electricity from wind farms, which has over 8000 people employed by clean energy companies, Trump expressed his concern that wind farms kill birds… which is true, but cats kill far more.

ThinkProgress points out,

Trump has a longstanding grudge against wind power, stretching back to before his days in politics. As a developer, he fought plans to install a wind farm off the coast of one of his golf courses in Aberdeen, Scotland, which he argued would destroy the aesthetic value of his property. In 2012, he sent a letter to the then-head of the Scottish government where he called wind turbines “monsters” and described the wind farm project as “insanity.”

Once again Trump shows us his inability to gather the evidence and make a decision based on facts. But honestly, his supporters don’t care. He can do no wrong. Facts, the planet be damned.

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