Women’s health concerns are not a priority for most of the GOP as evidenced by their attempts to repeal Obamacare and how during that process they have targeted women’s healthcare. All three bills defund Planned Parenthood which provides millions of women health care related services. In addition, unlike Obamacare which required maternity and contraception to be covered, coverage is not mandatory and states are able to opt out of providing insurance.  According to Slate, having a baby on average cost 30,000 dollars…

Obamacare also mandated that abortions be covered as long as the federal subsidy was not used to cover it. Motherjones reports that is no longer true.

It would prohibit someone who receives federal subsidies, known as tax credits, from purchasing a plan that includes abortion coverage at all. In other words, if you qualify for federal subsidies to pay for your health insurance, you’ll have to choose a plan that doesn’t cover abortion—a procedure that can cost $800 even early in the pregnancy.

Over one million American women obtain an abortion every year. It is their constitutional right.

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