A democracy relies on freedom of the press and the ability of the people to know what their government officials are doing or not doing. The idea that the mainstream press is just a pile of “fake news” is ludicrous without foundation and only serves to delegitimize important sources of information for the public.

Authoritarian governments rely on “controlling” the news. They prevent the truth from getting out into the open and dictate what the public is exposed to. Donald Trump’s constant barrage of lies and calling out the media as “fake news” is an attempt to create his own narrative. He has been very successful at it and it won him the presidency.

Make no mistake the media helped Trump to win the election by its choice to focus on him and give him millions of dollars worth of free coverage. They attacked Hillary Clinton for emails at an unprecedented level. Their choice of focus and their allowing of people to spew untruths, especially when it came to Trump’s surrogates.

But, with the exception of Fox News which is an oxymoron, they did not deliberately mislead the public or publish “fake news.”

Yesterday, Brian Karem The Montgomery County Sentinel Executive Editor had enough of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders attack on the media. He stood up to her in what one could only hope if the first step in the Press standing up White House’s attempt to silence them.

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