President Trump is an oxymoron. There is nothing remotely presidential about him and to suggest that he behaves in a way that is befitting his office is a joke. For anyone that was paying attention last year, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. He has a history of being a pig toward women and has no respect for anyone who criticizes him, even if they do so in a professional way.

It still astonishes me that 60 million Americans voted for him. Presidents aren’t everyday folk. They should be held to a higher standard.

We have always counted on our presidents to represent this nation to the world with class and decorum. I guess most Republicans no longer believe that to be true. They knowingly voted for a man crowing about grabbing women’s pussies and trying to “fuck” a married woman. He talked about Megyn Kelly bleeding and has called more than one woman fat. He even admitted to lusting for a 10-year-old.

This is the man you elected, and you deliberately gave him a pass on his prurient behavior. Well, we are now the laughingstock of the world. Globally, poll after poll shows that the United States is no longer held in high regard due to President Trump.

This morning, Trump once again showed us his disgusting behavior as he called out the hosts from Morning Joe. He tweeted the following:


The fallout has already begun as the response from their colleagues and other politicos have been swift and critical.

And this from one of the few conservatives who stood up to Donald Trump:




Truth, integrity, honor, respect matter. They especially matter in the President of the United States.

Donald Trump is a disgusting and ugly reminder that the Republican Party no longer believes these attributes to be a necessary part of being the leader of a nation. They have excused his behavior and continue to suggest that he only has to learn how to be the president. No one, absolutely no other president has subjected this nation to such embarrassing and shameful behavior, day after day.

Yesterday the bigwigs of the party shelled out $35,000 a ticket for his re-election campaign. Let that sink it.

-Jan Harrison




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