Fifty-three percent of you – white, female voters – voted for Donald Trump. You put him in the White House. Some of you voted for Obama but thought putting a “businessman” in office might be a good change, ignoring his bankruptcies and his history of screwing the little guy by not paying his bills. You willingly embraced his self-described serial sexual assault of women. You pushed aside his calling Mexicans rapists and didn’t care that he incited violence at his rallies or repeatedly attacked women who stood up to him. His past racism? ‘No big deal.’ His constantly lying? ‘No problem.’ Religious persecution? ‘It’s only against Muslims.’

He called climate change a hoax.

Clearly, you don’t care about the planet or the future environment that your children might live in.

And let’s not forget that you voted for a man who promised to repeal Obamacare.

You wanted change and didn’t care that other lives and livelihoods would be put a risk. All you cared about was yourself. Not other women, not people of color, not gay people or transgender people, not the disabled, not the planet, not our role as a leader in the world.

It was a vote that demonstrated an incalculable level of self-absorption and lack of thought.

We are now left with a president who has already destroyed this nation’s reputation around the globe. America is no longer a beacon for a proud democracy. We are being scorned and laughed at and our allies are afraid we can longer be counted on. Trump is not tough. He can’t be because he has no grasp of the issues.

In order to lead one needs to have a depth and breadth of knowledge that Trump does not have and shows no interest in obtaining. His ignorance of so many issues is astounding.

He didn’t know that Israel was part of the Middle East. He didn’t know who Frederick Douglass was. He thought Douglass was still alive…

As for healthcare, even Republicans are admitting that he has no real understanding of the issues involved. We have a man who doesn’t like to read and who spends more time in front of the television and on his smartphone tweeting than he does governing. His tweet this morning that advocates for repealing Obamacare without a replacement reveals the depth of his ignorance and his lack of care and understanding of how his policies affect the American public.


You voted for change and you got it. This nation founded on democratic principles is no longer recognizable. You voted for a man who is a liar and an embarrassment to all Americans. He has no integrity and thinks this is all a game show — one in which you play at having tapes of the director of the FBI, one in which you have “great surprises” about healthcare. He has continued his grotesque bullying. In the time he has been in office Trump has accomplished little other than to diminish this country and our democracy.

His attempt to label factual reporting as “fake news” is a ploy used by authoritarians who count on people reacting without thinking, just as you did when you voted for a pussy-grabbing, racist, xenophobic liar.

Black women got it right, 92% of them voted for Hillary Clinton. Too many white women got it wrong, but they, as exampled by Susan Sarandon, knew that even if Trump turned out to be a not so hot president that they wouldn’t be the ones to suffer. It wouldn’t be their families on the line. But their white privilege won’t save them if the GOP and Trump are successful at gutting Medicaid and scaling back insurance coverage for maternity care and reproductive services.

Many will feel that pain, even white women.

I am a white woman who understands my privilege. I live my life constantly questioning my perception of my daily life and events that impact me and my family, all of whom are Black. I would never have considered voting for Donald Trump. I believe that telling the truth is important. I have been sexually harassed and know women who have been raped. Voting for a man who crowed about grabbing women’s pussies was never an option.

I don’t live my life in fear of the other. I have Muslims friends and family. I come from a family of immigrants, and I honor their desire to find a better life. I was brought up to think and to weigh the issues. To vote for a man who has no experience in government, one who as a businessman had a documented history of treating people badly would have required me to suspend thought. Finally, I would never vote for a racist.

The hate that is embodied by white supremacists, by people who discriminate based on race as Donald Trump did in his housing, is not something that I or any American should turn a blind eye to – but you did.

You turned a blind eye to your fellow Americans and the consequence of your vote has already devastated a once great nation. Shame on you.

-Jan Harrison


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  1. People need to leave church out of this Why you ask ???? What religion is above the rest, these Republicans want to chose that for you, how you live and what you do with your life, God !!!! is who you answer to !!!!!,Not anyone or group, that makes you chose

  2. Jane Consiglio,the writer must have struck a nerve with you because you are deflecting from her message and want to bring up a subject no one else is on. Was she speaking about you? I think so!

  3. Your article is insulting and factually incorrect. 63% of white men voted for Trump. This is the largest voting block. Of those 63%, over 54% are college educated white men.

    In relation to white women, the majority, 51%, of the college educated women voted for Hillary. This is not even taking into account which of these women vote GOP or Dem on a regular basis.

    Maybe it is just the title and subtitle that is so insulting. It should have at least been focused at GOP white women and non-college educated women. However, that still would have been factually incorrect.

    • Research? Really? Obviously You haven’t done your research on Trump or you wouldn’t be talking. Plus if you can’t see and hear with your own eyes and ears, that the Man has no grasp of the issues and is a liar, then you are not very bright anyway. You don’t need media to tell you anything, just watch the Man.

  4. Is the liberal Democrats who incited violence at Trump rallies! Trump is doing a fantastic job and the Liberals can’t stand it! I thank God everyday Hillary is not my president. All those liberals who say Trump is not their president should leave the United States because Trump is the president of the United States! Why can’t the Liberals just shut the hell up and do something constructive with their lives?

  5. Great in my opinion and the fact that he is pissing snowflakes off shows he is doing his job of breaking the Democratic let me make you poorer as I get richer and blow smoke up your ass and lie to you party. GO TRUMP

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