State after State in which the Republicans are in charge of both the Governor’s seat and the legislature they are working to reverse decades of progress for women’s reproductive rights. They are proposing draconian laws that make it next to impossible for all but the rich to get an abortion. They are defunding Planned Parenthood and putting ludicrous laws in place that limit the number of clinics that can perform abortions. The strategies that are bringing about these changes come from anti-abortion groups that create playbooks on how to roll back women’s rights.

Ema Connor of BuzzFeed News writes,

Anti-abortion groups such as Americans United for Life (AUL), the National Right to Life Commission (NRLC), and, at the federal level, March for Life write up annual ‘playbooks’ of model legislation drafted by anti-abortion advocates. The laws cover anything from requiring hospital admission privileges for abortion clinics (which are often hard to attain and can lead to clinic closures), to requiring parental consent for minors to get an abortion, to limiting abortion access to 20 weeks of pregnancy. While state lawmakers often tweak and adjust the language or alter exceptions (often cases of rape, incest, or jeopardy of the mother’s life), much of the juiced-up language in the bills — ‘partial-birth abortion’ for example — remains the same.

It is a well-funded effort by the Christian right to control women’s destinies and it is working. Even though poll after poll shows that most Americans support a woman’s right to an abortion, it is not enough of an issue for people to get out and vote in midterm elections. Democrats need to stay focused and driven or we can kiss a woman’s right to an abortion good-bye.


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  1. The young ladies and men who want to “date” them need to get very involved and get registered to vote as soon as they turn 18 before they lose all their rights to self determination to the RWNJs that keep getting elected. Keeping females pregnant keeps them and families in poverty. Taking away access to health care, contraception, and abortion is a recipe for disaster.

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