Republican senators left for recess last week without voting on their Obamacare repeal replacement bill, reports Lauren Gambino, and the bill’s prospects now are in no better shape as they return to “the daunting task” of crafting a more enticing version of their bill—enticing that is to their Republican colleagues in the Senate. The bill is wildly unpopular with the American public.

“My view is it’s probably going to be dead,” Arizona senator John McCain told CBS on Sunday. “I fear that it’s going to fail.”

When Trump took office and Republicans regained control of both chambers of Congress, many expected they would have the opportunity to repeal Obamacare as early as January before moving on to tax reform and infrastructure.

“But intransigent Republican opposition – and a groundswell of political activism in the wake of Trump’s election – derailed that timeline,” says Gambino.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine is one of several Republicans whose opposition to initial draft of the Senate bill helped delay the vote scheduled the week before the July Fourth break.

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