The deportation of undocumented immigrants who were brought here as minors goes on. It didn’t start with this administration as many people were targeted prior to President Trump taking office, but it continues unabated and the numbers of people being deported have risen.

And no matter what they would like you to believe, many of these people are not criminals. They are fathers and mother of families and young people who have successfully built a life in the United States and who have children who are US citizens.

Andres Magana Ortiz is one of those people. He came here at the age of 15. Now 43 he is a highly regarded coffee farmer in Hawaii. He has three children. He was targeted for deportation by the Obama administration, but it wasn’t until this past Friday that he got on a plane to Mexico, leaving his family, with no plan in sight to come back.

Why? This man has made a contribution to his community who rallied around him to try to keep him in the states. What purpose does this serve to oust a man who has no criminal record and has harmed no one?

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