The revelations surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’ s meeting with a Russian Attorney keep coming out and Trump Jr. keeps responding to them himself leaving criminals attorney’s scratching their heads. Given the seriousness of the revelations, it would have behooved him to immediately lawyer up and shut his mouth. Initially, he did neither which could leave him in an even more precarious position than he is already in.

According to Betsy Woodruff:

It all started on Saturday, when the New York Times first reported that Don Jr. had met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer at Trump Tower during the campaign. Don Jr. tried, unsuccessfully, to downplay its significance. When the paper followed up that first report with another item indicating he agreed to the meeting in hopes of getting information the campaign could use against Hillary Clinton, Don. Jr. did something very, very strange: He himself confirmed all the New York Times’ reporting and gave them additional details about the meeting.

While Don Jr. eventually hired an attorney yesterday, the fact that he thought he could capably respond to these allegations makes one wonder whether he is confident that no matter what is found, he will not suffer the consequences. His daddy is president after all, and the president could just pardon him.

Think about that. Kushner, Manafort, Flynn and even Vice President Pence could all be pardoned by Trump if any wrongdoing is found. Would the Republicans just let that happen without recourse?

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