Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos may soon decide whether to amend the Obama administration’s guidance on campus sexual assault, and so she is planning, according to reports, to meet with both rape survivors and those who disagree with Title IX’s guidance on college rape—including men’s rights groups with a history of intimidating rape survivors, reports Linda Yang.

According to ThinkProgress, the National Coalition for Men has previously published the names and photos of women whom they called “false accusers,” and has sued women’s groups for meeting without men.

During her confirmation hearings, DeVos refused to say whether she would uphold the Obama administration’s guidance but given the list of groups DeVos is scheduled to meet with, many fear she is about to roll back many of the protections for women put in place by the previous administration.

“Advocate groups for survivors of sexual assault plan on re-launching the #DearBetsy online campaign, encouraging DeVos to keep the 2011 guidelines,” says Yang.

For example, our education secretary is planning to sit down with members of SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments, considered a misogynistic website by the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as Families Advocating for Campus Equality, which was founded by mothers of sons who were accused of sexual misconduct in college, according to ThinkProgress.

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