Ten House Democrats are preparing to unveil their new plan to fix Obamacare, which includes manageable steps to improve parts of the law that have proved problematic, repots Sarah Kliff. For example, their proposal includes a change in the timing of the open enrollment season, which would allow more Americans to sign up for coverage.

“We need an alternative to the ‘just say no’ policy that has pervaded Democrats up until now,” Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) told Vox. “Let’s have that conversation. Let’s fix the damn thing and get real.”

The new plan to fix Obamacare focuses on the Affordable Care Act’s individual market, which is struggling, in some counties, to attract insurers to sell coverage in 2018, particularly in rural areas where they’ve struggled to attract multiple insurers.

The idea is to encourage the “robust competition that the health law’s drafters expected.” “The Trump administration’s uncertain management of the marketplaces,” says Kliff, and attempts to repeal the ACA have only “exacerbated the challenge.”

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