The New York Times is reporting that 120 top jobs in the Administration have yet to be filled. At this point in President Obama’s administration, he had filled all but 41 positions. What is the reason for such a slow pace? Trump has yet to nominate people for many of the positions. Republicans would like to blame the Democrats for the slow approval process but the reality is that it is only taking nine days longer to get people approved than it did for President Obama. The real problem is how slow Trump’s nominating process is.

According to the Times,

Many departments have only one confirmed position — the top job. Ten of the 15 cabinet agencies are operating without a deputy secretary, the second highest job in an agency. Several nominations for the No. 2 spots did not happen until after Mr. Trump was in office for 100 days, and some have yet to be announced.

Could it be that they are having a hard time finding people who want to work for him?

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