According to numerous reports, Trump is asking about pardons. Our constitution gives him the ability to pardon anyone, at any time. Theoretically, he could pardon everyone in his coterie from Michael Flynn to Paul Manafort, from Jared Kushner to his son Donald Trump Jr. and any others who may have been involved in his campaign’s collusion with Russia.

Given the email from Donald Trump Jr., in which he said he would “love” any information about Hillary Clinton, and which led to a meeting with several Russians, there is little doubt that there was an attempt to collude with the Russian government.

How far it went and who it involved is still not known to the public.

What we do know is that Trump, his former campaign officials, and his administration have all lied about their contact with the Russians.

Never before has America found itself in this position. We have an unqualified, incompetent, and unethical man as President. Should he issue pre-emptive pardons or fire Robert Mueller, we will be on the verge of becoming an authoritarian regime where justice no longer matters, where the truth is held hostage to power.

Is there anything or anyone who stands between the erosion of our democracy and the will of Trump?

Once I would have said that the Republicans, with all the profound disagreements I have with their philosophy, would never allow this nation to so fundamentally change from the vision that our founding fathers had for it. Now I have no faith, given their performance of the past 18 months and their support of Trump, that they will rise on behalf of the American people and of our democracy. Power is more important than our Constitution and the truth.

It will be up to the people and our courts to stop this travesty. We must put ourselves, our friends and family to prepare to march, to stand and to peacefully take back our nation. Failure is not an option.

This is not hyperbole. This is what is happening right before our very eyes.

To bury our heads in the sand or to suggest that it is all fake news is blasphemy.

Each and every American is responsible to this nation. With all, its good and bad, with all that still needs to change it is our best option to lead a fulfilled, successful and joyous life. Men and women have died for this democracy. The least we can do is to get out of our comfort zone, get off our ass and be willing to do whatever we have to do to stop President Trump from destroying this great nation. It is our duty.

-Jan Harrison

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