BuzzFeed News published an investigative piece by journalist Jim DeRogatis on R. Kelly. He was first to report on the allegation 16 years ago of Kelly’s sexual assault of a 15-year old Black girl. Now DeRogatis is reporting that Kelly is being accused of keeping young women against their will.

The fallout from the accusations is as expected as is the Black men and women who are defending Kelly. Caught in the cross hairs are Black women.

Jamilah Lemieux reminds everyone that Black women deserve more,

What a terrible burden Black women and girls are forced to carry on our backs: the weight of the worst of our men — the men who rape, the men who terrorize, the men who do us irreparable harm. These men are often hitched to us for their safety at the expense of our souls. And what do we get for it? A fucking club record? The ability to “Step in the Name of Love?”

Lemieux’s powerful piece is important to read, share and prop-up. She will be attacked for stepping up and asking for Black women to be worthy of regard, respect, and safety from any man, including Black men. Just because white men do it too, doesn’t make it okay.

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