The last abortion clinic left in the state of Kentucky is getting ready to face a massive protest by anti-abortion zealots from all over the country. The week-long protest, set to begin on Saturday, was organized by Operation Save America (OSA), an extremist Christian group coordinating with local churches, reports Gabby Bess.

“The anti-abortion group has explicitly said their aims are to ‘shut down’ the clinic and block patients from entering the facility. Ultimately, they want to make Kentucky the first state without an abortion clinic,” Bess notes.

The Republican Governor Matt Bevin, who’s publicly said that he’d also like to eliminate all abortion providers from the state, “blocked a new Planned Parenthood clinic from providing abortions and shuttered EMW’s clinic in Lexington,” says Bess.

EMW is working with local law enforcement, as well as the US Marshall’s office, but said it had no intentions of shutting down during the protest or after.

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  1. As I see it the difference between Rebublicans and Democrats isn’t whether or not they believe in abortion. Plenty of Democrats personally are against abortion. The difference is that Democrats believe that women make the choice of abortion at great cost and they would never force any woman to choose abortion but Rebublicans feel it’s their God given right to prevent me from making that choice myself. The party of small government thinks it is their right and duty to be involved in my life in a most personal way. I would never consider forcing them by law to abort a pregnancy. Why is it that they fanatically pass laws to force me to complete a pregnancy I neither want or can support? We each must choose the best way for our lives and our families. God did not give them the authority over women. Do what’s best for you and I will do the same without judgement or fear.

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