Two-time documentarian Civia Tamarkin’s new film about reproductive rights transcends the familiar abortion debate. Birthright: A War Story instead tells the terrible stories of women jailed for smoking pot while pregnant or forced to undergo c-sections or carry nonviable pregnancies to term against their will, reports Nina Liss-Schultz, all while weaving in the history of “pro-life” advocacy and the unnecessary suffering caused by “a movement seeking to limit reproductive health care.”

The veteran criminal justice reporter and filmmaker told Liss-Schultz that “the Supreme Court’s 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, which rolled back women’s access to low-cost contraceptives,” shocked her and compelled her to act.

Tamarkin speaks with some of the movement’s movers and shakers, and gives us a look inside look at the logic and tactics of America’s most powerful abortion opponents.

“She was very helpful in giving us access to their youth camps, which they’re very proud of — as they should be,” said Tamarkin of National Right to Life president, Carol Tobias. “They’ve been training an army of foot soldiers for 30 years or more.”

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