Senator John McCain is flying back to Washington, DC after having surgery for a brain tumor. He will be back in time to vote on whether the GOP health care bill will move forward. McCain, as do all senators and representatives, benefits from access to a gold-star health plan. As a veteran, he is also entitled to separate benefits. He is also a multi-millionaire who can afford the best healthcare in the world.

Most Americans aren’t so lucky.

If the GOP has their way, millions of Americans will be without health insurance and those with pre-existing conditions may be left to literally die as they will face higher unaffordable premiums because the repeal of the current law says they cannot be charged more.

When McCain’s condition became known, I like many others, wished him well. He has served his country both in the military and in the government. As a prisoner of war, he endured things on behalf of his country that only a few know and can understand.

His service is to be held with regard. But it doesn’t give him a pass when it comes to this moment in time when so many other American lives are on the brink. If he comes to the Senate today and votes to move forward with an unknown and unscored (by the CBO) health care bill, he will do what even President Trump couldn’t do for him. He will tarnish his reputation.

For those of us who understand the GOP needs to win at any cost, including American lives, it will be a reminder that John McCain the hero, John McCain the maverick, is a ghost of the past.

-Jan Harrison



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