President Donald Trump continues to make bold promises about what a GOP bill to repeal and replace Obamacare in his final pitch before the Senate votes to proceed on a motion to debate the Better Care Reconciliation Act on the floor. But the president’s promises are empty because they cannot possibly be achieved under either the House or Senate versions of the bill as they are currently written, reports Sarah Kliff.

Just as he did on the campaign trail, Trump continues to promise great things, like universal coverage and lower premiums but endorses policies, like steep cuts to Medicaid, that will not deliver these desired results.

“The Senate bill is still fluid, but in every form under discussion right now it breaks that promise. If it were to become law, the Obamacare enrollees who believed Trump would be in for a rude surprise,” Kliff insists.

Nevertheless, with his speech on Monday, Trump put heavy pressure on Republican senators to vote for the bill on Tuesday.The president also included a small list of how health care would change under a GOP health care replacement plan. For example, Trump claimed that premiums would decline but he didn’t explain how this would happen, notes Kliff. Essentially, premiums in the individual market would drop overall because coverage “would become too expensive for low-income and older Americans to purchase.”

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