Democratic women had to watch as Bernie Bros and the media mercilessly attacked Hillary Clinton. We had to endure the unequal attention to the way she looked, the way she spoke – even how often she smiled. The most qualified person in history to run for the office of the President was constantly held to a different standard than her opponents and she was never enough. Her use of a private server for her email account was a non-story. Yet the media would not let her or the American public move on even after she was found to have done nothing illegal.

After a heartbreaking loss and a realization the 60 million people voted for a man than crowed about grabbing women’s pussies and trying to “fuck” a married woman, we are now learning that the Democratic Party is willing to embrace and support candidates who do not support a woman’s right to choose.

Yesterday in an interview with The Hill, Rep. Ben Ray Luján, a Democrat from New Mexico, said:

“There is not a litmus test for Democratic candidates,” said Luján, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman. “As we look at candidates across the country, you need to make sure you have candidates that fit the district, that can win in these districts across America.”

Luján intimated that those Democrats who do not believe in a woman’s right to choose will be supported. In other words, the reproductive rights of women are up for grabs.

How is it okay for the Democratic establish to cave on women’s right to an abortion? This is not an issue that most people vote on and most people in the U.S. believe that abortion should be legal. So why take an issue that affects only women, and allow it to be something that every Democratic candidate doesn’t have to support?

The right to have an abortion is a fundamental right that belongs only to women.

For Democrats to abdicate their leadership role in advocating for women is not just disheartening, it is enough of a reason to not support the Democratic Establishment.

And for the record, Bernie Sanders is of the same mind as Luján. He also doesn’t believe in a litmus test.

Will there be no litmus test for LGBTQ rights? For those Democrats that don’t believe that transgender people should use the bathroom of their choice would they to have the support of the DNC? What about gay marriage? Where is the litmus line in the sand? Is there any belief that is sacrosanct to Democrats?

Or is it just that women rights are expendable?

Having a child impacts every aspect of a woman’s life, starting with her health. Being forced to carry a pregnancy to term because someone else has forced their moral views on a woman is unacceptable. Raising a child requires money and time and love.

It is key that a child is wanted – it is everything.

Mothers whose dreams are subverted and lives forever impacted because of a mistake, because of a rape, or because they were forced to give birth to a child with enormous disabilities don’t have the opportunity to live full and joyous lives. The men who get them pregnant too often walk away leaving an avoidable tragedy behind.

Women deserve better.


Jan Harrison




  1. I strongly believe in the fundamental right of a woman to have control of her own body. Govt. does not belong in our uteri but I also strongly disagree with your support of Hilary Clinton in the last election.

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