Alejandra Mattoni says she knew from very early on in her adulthood that she did not want to have children but it took her nearly 15 years to finally find a doctor who would agree to her request for a tubal ligation. For some women, birth control just doesn’t work, for a variety of reasons. Mattoni says she struggled for years to find a form of birth control that didn’t cause her discomfort or pain.

“I have no desire to have kids, and most traditional methods of birth control cause me pain and discomfort. It took me 13 years to find a doctor who listened when I said I wanted to undergo a tubal ligation,” says Mattoni.

As Mattoni correctly points out, there is “no law that prohibits a woman from getting voluntarily sterilized, and the procedure is commonly used as a form of birth control in the United States.

And yet, whenever she asked about having her tubes tied, her doctors condescended, and like many of her friends and family, assumed she was too young and immature to make such an important decision — with some even suggesting that once she’d had kids, she could pressure her future husband to have a vasectomy instead, since she’d “done all the hard labor.”

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