President Trump held another rally to prop up his ego in West Virginia last night. This came after The Wall Street Journal reported that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had impaneled a grand jury and CNN reported that besides a probe into Russia, investigators were looking into Trump’s business dealings.

At the rally, Trump once again insisted that “Russia” was a story totally made up by the Democrats. Mueller certainly doesn’t think so, as he continues to hire more attorneys with different areas of expertise to bolster his team.

What will Trump do now that Mueller has crossed the “red line” that Trump spoke about in his New York Times interview? That is what officials in the White House are worried about.

According to The Daily Beast:

Inside the White House, it’s not just the potential legal jeopardy that has officials concerned; it’s how President Trump might react to news that his and his family’s finances are under investigation — and the political and legal consequences that could ensue from a Trump backlash against the news.

We know from various reports that Trump has considered firing Mueller. Will this be the moment he decides to do it regardless of the consequences? It would require the removal of both Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the installation of a “puppet” attorney general to do his bidding.

We know from recent history that Trump has often reacted without caution and without any regard for the truth or legalities involved.

Yesterday, the Senate made sure that Trump will not be able to make any recess appointments. Therefore, if Trump was considering firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointing a new AG, one that would fire Mueller, he can no longer do so.

However, there are other convoluted ways to fire Mueller, but the GOP has started to draw their own red line in the sand, one that suggests that firing Mueller would be a very bad move by the President.



  1. Trump is an idiot hes a danger to the rest of the world its his way or no way atal a mad man ruling america god help us all as i dont trust him for 1 minute that he would press that big red button and kill us all hes excentric and wants to rule the world a person like this cannot be trusted i live in fear for our future god help us all there will be no future for us mere mortals

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