Back in January, BuzzFeed published an unverified 35-page dossier that alleged possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The dossier was compiled by ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, and in addition to claiming that the Russian government had been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for years, it alluded to the existence of a comprising video of Trump in the presence of Russian hookers.

According to Steele, Russian spies had gathered a good deal of kompromat on Trump and his deep ties to Russia, including a video showing Trump in a hotel room in Moscow that the Obamas had previously stayed in, “defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show in front of him.”

To date, the “pee pee tape” has not surfaced. Back in January, President Trump dismissed the BuzzFeed report in a tweet: “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!”

But the president was apparently bothered enough to speak several times with then-Director James Comey about the dossier, and the tape in particular, hinting that he might even have Comey investigate the alleged event in order to prove that it never really happened, notes Clio Chang in New Republic.

“Everyone in Congress is really stressed about the pee tape,” says Chang.

Even The Late Show host, Steven Colbert got caught up in the search because, he complained, no news outlet seems interested in confirming it, insisting it was too salacious. “But it’s the only part we care about!” Colbert cajoled. “It’s the part we talk about, The Pee Pee Tape!”

“The room we’ve heard so much about, yet no one has come to check it out. I don’t know why,” Colbert said. “When you’re in this room, I don’t know how to describe it; it’s soaked in history. It just washes over you. It’s not even like it’s in the past; you’re in history. You’re in it.”

On Friday, the plot took another turn with Politico reporting that two Republican House staffers tried to contact Steele in London earlier in the summer but failed to tell special counsel Robert Mueller or members of the Senate Intelligence Committee about their trip.

Both the House and Senate intelligence committees are carrying out their own Russia probes, with the Senate taking pains to appear, at least, as the more serious, bipartisan investigation of the two.

Democrats are worried that House Republicans are trying to find and discredit the dossier while Republicans fear that the Democrats are trying to find more dirt on the president, according to Politico.

Sen. Richard Burr asked Comey about the Steele dossier during his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee back in March: “At the time of your departure from the FBI, was the FBI able to confirm any criminal allegations contained in the Steele document?” At the time, Comey neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the tape.

Trump brought up the dossier again, in his recent interview with The New York Times in July, claiming that Comey tried to use the dossier to try to keep his job.

Investigators are still looking into who funded the dossier and how the media and certain government officials got hold of it in the first place.

Meanwhile, there’s still no sign of the tape but not for lack of trying.

– Danielle Bizzarro



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