For those who voted for Donald Trump and claimed that they weren’t racist and neither was he — well let’s just say that the proof is in the pudding, and I would imagine that you are choking on your spoon about now. What is very evident, as we listen to his rhetoric and understand the racist regulations that are being put in place, is that Trump’s agenda has nothing to do with making America great for all Americans. His administration’s goal is to support white Americans; those who think they have been done wrong and those greedy white rich men who want more for themselves.

The concept of a greater good has no meaning to him or to them.

Trump’s policies feed into the delusional fear of the “other” and sets the stage not only for the rolling back of civil rights but for all kinds of progress made since the 1960’s.

America has been called the melting pot, a place where all cultures and races were welcomed and was a nation that prided itself on diversity. Even within the existing institutionalized white privilege, there were successful attempts to encourage and embrace the diversity of races that make up this once great nation. There were more opportunities for people of color and many of us stood proudly as we elected our first Black President.

We thought we had moved forward only to come to understand that we had unleashed a racist Pandora’s box filled with ugly. It was tempered by President Obama. It was fueled by Trump’s candidacy.

There was a reason that David Duke endorsed Trump. There is a reason that the alt-right as represented by the likes of White House Advisor Steve Bannon and Breitbart News gave hope to white boys around the nation who feel as though they are disrespected and believe that this nation belongs to them. They wear and tote Confederate Flags. They have armed themselves and are prepared to take back America for the “whites.” They hold that they are superior and deserving of a greater place in our society, one that relegates the “other” to a subservient class.

This past week we heard Stephen Miller articulate Trump’s new immigration plan that seeks to limit immigration to only English-speaking people with skills and to cut the number of immigrants allowed by half.

This past week the Trump administration announced that they would launch an investigation into discrimination against white college students.

Last week President Trump stood in front of a group of Boy Scouts and encouraged them to boo former President Barack Obama.

His appointing Jeff Sessions, a noted racist, for Attorney General is already impacting people of color as Sessions has once again changed the sentencing guidelines that were amended in a bipartisan effort to stop putting people in jail for minor offenses. The new rules disproportionately affect Black people.

This isn’t a surprise.

All of these actions were anticipated by thinking people who cared about their fellow Americans.

His election rallies were filled with hate and Trump encouraged violence. To not notice it, to dismiss it caused us to be here.

If this is the America that you want, one filled with hate, one that is not safe for those whose skin is not white, then you got what you voted for. You own it.

But do not ever point to the Statue of Liberty with pride or talk of your family that immigrated here generations ago because you — with your vote — have defiled them. You have robbed them of their meaning and accomplishment.

You have shamed them.

You will be held accountable.

-Jan Harrison

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