Some would have you think that conservatives within the Republican party are waking up to the disaster that is President Donald Trump. This piece from The Guardian suggests that they are beginning to realize that selling your soul to the devil has consequences, sort of.

They aren’t concerned about what is happening to the American people, their concern is for their party. That same instinct to protect the party at all costs is the same one that allowed them to support Trump in the first place. So they decry Trump’s attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions as they completely ignore that the attorney general lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee. They point to Trump’s need to be at the center of all things as if this was a new development. What they are realizing is that they can’t get their way on any of the issues because the man stands for nothing but himself. Surprise.

They allowed him to co-opt the Republican Party because it suited them. They still defend his lying or look to distract the conversation. This litany of quotes from different conservatives is an interesting look at a party that has no interest in the truth or the facts until it suits them, but to be fair, some of them never boarded the Trump Train in the first place.

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