The election of Donald Trump has spurred many women across the country to run for office. Frightened by Trump’s success, and encouraged by local support, they are deciding to take the plunge.

As Joan Walsh writes:

For a host of reasons, the election of the pussy-grabbing, utterly incompetent, nationally embarrassing Donald Trump has inspired a stunning wave of female newcomers to electoral politics. Since November, an astonishing 16,000 women have contacted Emily’s List, which works to elect pro-choice Democratic women, to say they want to run. In the 2015–16 election cycle, only 920 women did that.

Democrats are finally understanding the importance of local elections as Republican legislatures across the nation have worked to roll back women’s rights and voting rights with their attempts to gerrymander districts.

Virginia serves as an example of the diversity and the sheer number of women who have committed to being a part of the change. While the statehouse is filled with Democrats, the legislature is not. According to Walsh, “Democrats are running 54 challengers against GOP incumbents, up from only 21 in 2015. And of all the Democrats running for the House of Delegates, including incumbents, 42 are women and 28 are people of color.”

The election is this fall and the outcome could provide hope for the Democrats in 2018.

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