Donald Trump made clear last night in his press conference at Trump Tower in New York, that he is a Nazi sympathizer. He left America speechless in his defense of all that is ugly and hateful. The real Donald Trump showed up to that press conference yesterday and confirmed what many of us have been saying for years. He is a racist.

There is no defense of what he said. There are not two sides to this issue.

 Those who stood against the hate, and Heather Heyer who died for her beliefs are heroes. Those with torches, shouting anti-Semitic tropes and threatening the lives of Black people are evil. It is simple.

His words rang loud and clear as he instilled fear in the hearts of many Americans as he legitimized the alt-right aka the Nazis, KKK and white nationalists. Reporters stood agape as they listened in real time to one of the worst moments that this nation has seen; the President of the United States embracing and inspiring the worst among us.

He alone gave hope to those who would maim and kill for the right to call America “a white nation.”

Next to him stood Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin, Elaine Chao and his Chief of Staff John Kelly. Kelly hung his head down and looked abject as he listened to the Commander-in-Chief desecrate the memory of all those who have fought for the right to be free from hate and racism.

Cohn who is Chair of the National Economic Council and Mnuchin who is Secretary of the Treasury are both Jewish. Chao who no stranger to racist attacks is Secretary of Transportation and is married to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. All have remained silent. And so far none of the four have any plans to leave the administration. It is called being complicit.

Cohn and Mnuchin have children. Imagine being Jewish and explaining to your child why you continue to work for a Nazi sympathizer. It’s not hyperbole. It is undeniable. And should too many Americans bury their heads in the sand and excuse this man’s behavior than we will find ourselves in a country that is no longer recognizable.

It is time for President Trump to be impeached.

-Jan Harrison



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