Getting an abortion is often a traumatic event for a woman for many reasons. Part of the trauma for many women who have to rely on a clinic to obtain an abortion is going through a gauntlet of protesters shouting ugly rhetoric. While there are laws in place that keep them at a distance they still manage to be heard.

The dilemma of trying to protect a woman’s right to privacy while protecting the protester’s rights to free speech are often left to the local communities to manage. Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor Jennifer Roberts who is a Democrat has made a point of making sure that the women going to the clinics are kept safe but also that dueling protesters have an equal opportunity to get the amplified sound permit.

In the past, the anti-choice protesters through a technical glitch were able to secure the permit 78% of the time. Mayor Roberts has changed the process in an attempt to level the playing field. She has also stood up as an advocate for a woman’s right to choose. According to Rewire News, Mayor Roberts issued a statement on protecting access to reproductive health care in her city from aggressive picketing.

“While the protesters have a constitutional right to free speech, they do not have the right to block care for women, and they do not have the right to make an entire city street unsafe day after day, month after month.”

Local elections have greater consequences than many of us think. Vote.


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