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While Hurricane Harvey’s center is expected to move off the coast on Monday, rains are expected to continue pounding the city of Houston and Southeast Texas for the rest of the week, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Over 25 inches of rain have fallen on parts of Southeast Texas since Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday evening.

As of Monday, thousands of people driven from their homes by the Category 4 hurricane are still waiting to be rescued, with authorities warning everyone still trapped by flooding to go straight to their rooftops and to avoid taking shelter in their attics, which could collapse from the damage.

“This is a landmark event for Texas,” said FEMA administrator Brock Long. “Texas has never seen an event like this.” Long anticipates 30,000 will be placed in temporary shelters as a result of the extreme weather event.

The Army Corps of Engineers was forced to release even more water on early Monday morning from two dams west of Houston in an effort to save the dams from future failure.

In one of the worst flooding disasters in recent U.S. history, many of the highways and streets surrounding the fourth-largest city in the U.S. are flooded, and normal travel is nearly impossible. First responders have been forced to rescue people in small numbers, with at least 2,000 multi-person rescues occurrig over this past weekend alone. Thousands more are expected to be rescued throughout the week.

Forecasters are warning that more flooding is expected for the Houston region, and officials said that Harvey could dump up to 50 inches of water on some parts of the region by the time the storm passes.



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