Dr. Kelli Ward will be headlining a dinner at the annual convention of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons in Tucson in October. Ward, who challenged McCain in 2016 in the primaries, is now planning to challenge the junior senator from Arizona, Senator Jeff Flake, in 2018.

AAPS endorsed Ward in her effort to defeat McCain in 2016.

She recently won praise from Trump, who tweeted, “Great to see that Dr. Kelli Ward is running against Jeff Flake, who is WEAK on borders, crime and a non-factor in Senate. He’s toxic!”

Despite its official sounding name, reports Stephanie Mencimer, AAPS is “a fringe doctors’ group,” with ties to the right-wing John Birch Society. Over the years, Mencimer says, its journal “has featured a host of discredited theories, including arguments that abortion causes breast cancer, HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, vaccines cause autism, and illegal immigrants caused a leprosy outbreak in the United States.”

Ward has also won praise from the president for her opposition to the passage of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. But along with AAPS, Ward has also been a vigorous opponent of board certifications and Maintenance of Certification activities, which are meant to ensure that doctors’ medical knowledge is up to date, and as a state senator introduced an anti-MOC bill.

On the campaign trail in 2016, Ward insisted that AAPS was “the only group that represents physicians and patients.”

Since its founding in the 1940s, AAPS has steadfastly opposed “anything its members view as socialized medicine, including the creation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965,” notes Mencimer.

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